Chairman's Report

Taunton Table Tennis - Chairman’s 2016 Summary Review Report.

The senior and junior sections of the Club continued during the year on a sound financial basis. Senior membership mostly maintained a sustainable level for use of half the hall with eight tables on Friday evenings at Blackbrook. Junior attendances at Blackbrook have been slightly higher in the later part of the year and our satellite club at Monkton Heathfield School under Ian Hooper and Neil Aries continued with good attendances also on Friday evenings. This has proven a successful venture and continues during term times. Attendances for Friday evenings at Blackbrook did suffer for a large part of the year due to direct competition from the Academy running sessions on Friday evenings but the loss of the school as a venue in mid-May helped lead to an increase in attendances back to a more sustainable level.

Once again, the Club supported SASP (Somerset Athletics and Sports Partnership) this year at their annual NetWall festivals, introducing all year four and five pupils in the area to table tennis activities. It is hoped that some of these will join the Junior Club in due course. Thanks to Ian Hooper for helping out with this activity.

The Club continues to hold Table Tennis England ClubMark status but only at a basic level due to reduced activity and increased coaching criteria for the award. It is hoped that the star rating can be regained in the next year. Our UKCC coaches – Ian Hooper (level 2) and Neil Aries (level 1) – continue to provide much support and my thanks goes to them for their hard work

Summarising, this year Club development has continued to concentrate on table tennis for the enjoyment of players at all levels alongside the satellite junior club. We have a stable playing environment. As always, we would welcome more assistance in running the club. Restoring our ClubMark status is a significant task for the committee this year and it would be helpful if someone could assist with seeing this task through. If you are interested in helping then please let me know.

I would also like to thank the Blackbrook Pavilion staff.

Finally, I thank all the Club members, including the Committee, who contribute to making the Club an enjoyable experience for all who come to play.

Peter Stiles

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